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Hong Kong’s economy, including many of its key industries, have had to endure a trifecta impact of the US-China trade war, social unrest and the Covid-19 pandemic over the course of the past year. For the city to thrive again as it once did, innovative ways of doing business and meaningful re-thinking of overall business strategies has never been more necessary.

But where to start? Right here, at the Redefining Hong Kong Series.

This year, we will leverage this platform and reconfigure its focus to discuss and debate what the future holds for the city’s economy and innovative ways in which its key industries can once again begin to pave a path forward. Our ambition is simple, though far from easy: to catalyse positive change in our city and project Hong Kong back to the lofty heights where it belongs.

RHK will facilitate communication and cooperative action among senior executives to pursue like-minded objectives for improving the innovation landscape in Hong Kong and to get its key industries back on track. Taking place over the course of four meetings in 2020/21, attendees will hear from experts and opinion-leaders, and have their say through roundtable discussions. With your participation, RHK will unleash Hong Kong's innovative potential, and push for quicker, more meaningful progress in the city.

The Redefining Hong Kong Series

SEP 8 2020:
Virtual banking - the dawn of a new era for Hong Kong financial services?
OCT 2020:
Whats the new normal after Covid-19
NOV 2020:
Hong Kong IPO market
JAN 2021:
Why do women entrepreneurs find it difficult to raise funds?
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