Join us as we
redefine Hong Kong

Hong Kong is slow in its adoption of cutting-edge technologies and her regulatory system needs to keep pace with innovation. For the city to lead again, much has to change.

But where to start? Right here, at Redefining Hong Kong Series.

This year, we will leverage this platform and reconfigure its focus - answering the question - Does Hong Kong need to speed up in innovation?

Over the past six years, SCMP’s Redefining Hong Kong Series (RHK) debated how to reposition Hong Kong for future success. In 2019, SCMP will leverage this platform but reconfigure its focus. Our ambition is simple, though far from easy: to catalyse positive change in our city and project Hong Kong back to the lofty heights where it belongs.

RHK will facilitate communication and cooperative action among senior executives to pursue like-minded objectives for improving the innovation landscape in Hong Kong. Taking place over the course of four meetings in 2019/20, attendees will hear from experts and opinion-leaders, and have their say through roundtable discussions. With your participation, RHK will unleash Hong Kong's innovative potential, and push for quicker, more meaningful progress in the city.

The Redefining Hong Kong Series

SEP 5 2019:
Can startups make it in Hong Kong?
OCT 24 2019:
The future of payment methods in Hong Kong
NOV 27 2019:
Asia’s fintech hub –
Hong Kong’s future as the region’s financial center
JAN 15 2020:
Will a jab of technology advance Hong Kong's health care sector?
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